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Hi everyone! I am so excited for you all and your journey of recruitment! It’s going to be a busy time, but it’s going to be amazing! 

This is a great opportunity to make friends with other people going through recruitment. Zetas believe in empowering others so I encourage you to support each other. 

Deciding which sorority to join can be hard. But please know that a supportive sisterhood will be there for you at the end. 

Just remember to be your beautiful authentic self and go shine! 

Zeta Love And Mine, 
Victoria P

Our chapter, and therefore the Kappa Iota sisterhood, heavily relies on recruitment as a means of enhancement for our chapter in the future. The recruitment process ensures the growth of our chapter and the transmission of the ideals that provide the structural foundation of Zeta Tau Alpha every year.

Every spring semester Kappa Iota participates in the Formal Panhellenic Recruitment at Moravian University, a time when potential new members meet the members of each sorority present on campus through a series of rush events. There a four events, or rounds, present in Formal Recruitment: Meet the Greeks, our Open House, Philanthropy Party, and our sacred and moving Preference Ceremony. Through these events, potential new members gain insight into the purpose of our chapter, our goals, importance of sisterhood, and learn about our philanthropy while allowing members of our chapter to learn about YOU.

As well as participating in Formal Recruitment during the spring semester, Kappa Iota also participates in fall recruitment or fall open house. Fall recruitment consists only of an open house, and is open to potential new members that are sophomores, juniors, or seniors.


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