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Philanthropic and service related events play a critical role in the functioning of the Kappa Iota chapter. These events are the most important and fun things that we accomplish as a whole. We are readily recognized on campus for our philanthropic work.

The month of October is anything but a calm month for our chapter. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, so it is typically packed with many fun and exciting events! Around the beginning of the month, members of our chapter "pink out" Moravian’s HUB building in an effort to raise awareness. Sisters wrote different breast cancer statistics in chalk outside the HUB building, and also decked out the halls in pink ribbons. During these weeks we also hand out shower cards, reminder stickers, and THINK-PINK ribbons in the HUB kiosk, along with various social media graphics that aid in building awareness on our chapter's and members' social media pages. These activities enable us to promote awareness on campus about breast cancer and helps educate young women about the warning signs of breast cancer. In the fall, our chapter coordinates an extremely successful Pink Out Game and Spaghetti Dinner. These two huge events aid in raising awareness on campus and to members of our local community.

Since 1992 Zetas have distributed 9.8 million shower cards with instructions of the proper method for breast self-examination (BSE). This has spread the message of early detection in campuses across the country as well as into communities both here and abroad. In 2000, ZTA members began to distribute the Breast Self Examination calendar reminder stickers as an added tool for promoting regular breast self-examination. Since then, more than 7 million BSE calendar reminder stickers have been distributed. THINK-PINK! Ribbons were added to the breast cancer education and awareness promotions in 1997. Since that time, 5 million have been distributed. The ribbons are attached to information cards conveying the message of early detection as the key to survival and a greater quality of life. People wear the ribbons to show awareness of and support for those who are survivors of breast cancer and to remember those who lost the fight against this disease. 

In addition to being heavily involved with our philanthropy, all members must complete service hours each semester. Some of our service hour activities have included volunteering at the Humane Society in Allentown, donating items to Mo's Cupboard, writing cards to residents in nursing homes, cleaning up litter from around rivers, and other activities that helped our community!

As you can see, philanthropy and service are highly influential in the success of our chapter. We love and work hard to promote our wonderful philanthropy, Breast Cancer Awareness and Education!

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