Sisterhood is the foundation of Zeta Tau Alpha; without it the organization would crumble. Our sisterhood is held firm by cooperation in various sisterhood activities every week. These activities aid in the strengthening of lasting friendships. We hold weekly chapter meetings, which are always a blast to attend because something new and fun is always happening. We utilize chapter meetings as an opportunity for sisters to come together and celebrate birthdays, share embarrassing stories, and recognize individual members through bittersweet acts like crowning a “sister of the week,” "snaps," or congratulating a sister for a major scholastic achievement. Throughout the week, we enjoy sister dinners, and monthly activities like game nights, movie nights, “exam break” parties, spa nights, and various other fun activities are scheduled that allow us to all gather in a pleasant environment and foster a sense of sisterhood. Some of these events in the past have even taken our members to off-campus destinations. 

In spite of the COVID-19 restrictions, we adapted our events to either be completely virtual, hybrid, or socially distanced in-person outdoor events for everyone could attend a couple events regardless of their comfort level. We continued to have weekly sister dinners and still had events that fostered a sense of sisterhood amongst our members. Some of these socially distanced events included pumpkin painting, online movie events, tie dying, holiday house decorating, and virtual game night.

Our house further prospers sisterhood amongst the members of our chapter by providing a great place to meet and just relax. The Zeta house here at Moravian College houses 6 sisters, and is fully furnished. Whether you are baking together, or meeting to work on homework together, the house provides a fantastic meeting point for all members. 

To many of our members, Zeta Tau Alpha provides a home away from home, or the sister that you never had. The term sisterhood encompasses such deep value to so many members. 

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